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Second BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

First BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

BIOGO 6 month meeting

at Warwick University, July 8th to 9th

BIOGO launch press release

Read the press release referring to the Launch of the BIOGO Project.


The BIOGO project

The BIOGO project intends to create a fully integrated and comprehensive process for the production of biofuels using novel heterogeneous nanocatalysts and sustainable resources. This process will be integrated with the enabling functions of innovative micro reactor technology developed in the project. BIOGO will exploit the special properties of nanocatalysts to improve process efficiency through intensification and thereby target some of the challenges facing Europe’s petro-chemical industry today.



Key BIOGO aims

- The BIOGO project aims to design, develop and prepare highly advanced nanoscale catalysts at an industrially relevant scale for the conversion of bio resources to liquid fuels.

- The project aims to develop and demonstrate a process that converts renewable bio-oils and bio-gas to synthesis gas for subsequent catalytic transformation into biofuels and chemical platform products.

- Reduce the dependence on rare earth oxides and precious metals for the catalyst formulations applied throughout the BIOGO project



Principal BIOGO technical objectives

- Develop new design, preparation routes and methods of coating nanocatalysts on innovative micro-structured reactors

- Design and develop nanocatalysts tailored for:
         > Co-reforming or couples reforming of biogas and pyrolysis oils
         > Highly efficient, smaller scale methanol production
         > More efficient and lower cost conversion of methanol to gasoline
         > Hydrogenation of bio-oils to diesel-grade chemicals with increased 
         selectivity and yield

- 6-month continuous pilot scale catalyst production run that will demonstrate the scaled-up manufacturing potential for fast industrialisation

- Integrate the entire processes chain at mini-plant scale for the production of gasoline from bio-oil and bio-gas feedstocks.



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