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Second BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

First BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

BIOGO 6 month meeting

at Warwick University, July 8th to 9th

BIOGO launch press release

Read the press release referring to the Launch of the BIOGO Project.



Microinnova (based in Styria/Austria) is regarded as a pioneer of the continuous flow processing in combination with micro-chemical engineering and intensification technologies. We enable companies of all sizes to produce chemical products or active ingredients more efficient, safer and more sustainable. For our customers and business partners, we are exploring profitable alternatives to conventional production methods. We know about the complex challenges of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and adjust our solutions accordingly. Microinnova optimizes processes due to an enhanced mass- and energy transport process intensification. By the application of micro chemical engineering quality improvements and increased yield can be realized requiring low investment costs at the same time compared to conventional chemical engineering technology. The chemical process development takes place in continuous working laboratory scale plants. Due to the early cooperation of chemists and chemical engineers a better part of the development can be carried out at laboratory scale. Thereby experiments on pilot scale can be reduced to a minimum, what leads to a quick and cost efficient process development and consecutive scale-up to the production scale.

16 employees working in the ten years young company and offering specialist consulting services and plants to our customers. It doesn’t matter whether a feasibility study, a manufacturing plant or consulting services is need Microinnova is always the right partner for challenging projects.


Contribution to BIOGO

Due to our experience in planning and constructing Miniplants we can offer a lot of know-how to the BIOGO project. Our chemists work closely with our engineers and can solve a lot of problems of this project. As a result of our high competence in process engineering and our experience in the treatment of difficult reactions we are able to find solutions also for tricky processes.
Realize green alternatives for our future is a personal matter of our company. That’s why we are the proud to be part of the BIOGO project and we will give our best to realize it.


Main contact

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Linhart
Tel: +43 (0) 3182 62626 – 0
Fax: +43 (0) 3182 62626 – 101
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