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Second BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

First BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

BIOGO 6 month meeting

at Warwick University, July 8th to 9th

BIOGO launch press release

Read the press release referring to the Launch of the BIOGO Project.


Eindhoven University of Technology

The research group – Micro Flow Chemistry and Process Technology - from TU/e aims to perform cutting-edge scientific and technological research in chemical (micro) process engineering with specific emphasis on developing a suited process chemistry for micro- and flow reactors. This is achieved via two pillars, one is the use of harsh chemistries (high-T, p, c, tailored solvents and energies) – the chemical intensification – and the other one is a radical change in process design when using flow synthesis – process-design intensification. Both are named Novel Process Windows.

The group's mission is to be among the world's top academic research groups in the field of microreactors, flow chemistry, process intensification, and green engineering. In this way, an eminent contribution to the Factories of the Future (of chemical industry) is envisaged. As such endeavours need a holistic approach, cost analysis and life-cycle assessment are used for ex-ante process selection and process evaluation.


Contribution to BIOGO

TU/e is the leader group for WP6. WP6 will track the results of WP1-5 so that the overall process operation can be ensured. WP6 will also provide a horizontal, generic framing of the WP’s with the aim of a systems engineering. TU/e will be a partner group in WP3, the task for TU/e is to investigate the kinetics for the reaction of methanol conversion to hydrocarbons.


Main contact

Qi Wang
Tel: +31 (0)40 247 8290
Fax: +31 (0)40 244 6653
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