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Second BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

First BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

BIOGO 6 month meeting

at Warwick University, July 8th to 9th

BIOGO launch press release

Read the press release referring to the Launch of the BIOGO Project.


Boreskov Institute of Catalysis Profile

The Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (BIC) is now one of the largest research centers worldwide specialized in catalysis. BIC’s affiliations are in cities St-Petersburg and Volgograd. The permanent staff consists of ca. 1000 employee, among which 350 are research scientists
The BIC’s R&D activities span the areas from fundamental problems of catalysis to development of new catalysts and catalytic technologies and to designing semicommercial plants for the catalysts manufacturing. The main fields of catalytic research at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis are establishment of general physicochemical regularities of catalysis, development of scientific bases for molecular design of materials and implementation of catalytic processes; creation of new generation catalysts for chemical, refinery and petrochemical industries, as well as creation of catalysts and technologies for innovative application areas.
The primary aim of fundamental studies is the prediction of catalytic action in order to create engineering basis for production of catalysts, as well as to develop and optimize catalytic processes. The most important among the fundamental studies are:

- Studies of catalytic phenomena on the atomic and molecular levels.
- Studies of the nature of active centers of catalysts and the mechanisms of key catalytic reactions.
- Studies of the catalyst structures and mechanisms of their formation.
- Kinetic studies and mathematical modeling of catalytic processes.


Contribution to BIOGO

Synthesis of nanocomposite active components of catalysts for fuel reforming, their characterization,  manufacturing of structured catalysts on heat-conducting substrates and catalytic supported membranes for oxi-steam reforming of biofuels, their testing, kinetics and mechanism of reforming reactions, mathematical modeling of reforming processes.


Main contact

Professor Vladislav Sadykov
Tel: +7 383 3308763
Fax: +7 383 3308056
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