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Second BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

First BIOGO leaflet

available as pdf download

BIOGO 6 month meeting

at Warwick University, July 8th to 9th

BIOGO launch press release

Read the press release referring to the Launch of the BIOGO Project.


Tyndall National Institute Profile

The Tyndall National Institute is Ireland’s premier ICT research institute, affiliated to University College Cork (UCC), with 450 researchers in 11,500 m2 of laboratory and office space. Core activities are built around four different centres: Theory Modeling and Design (ThMD), Micro/nano-electronics, Photonics and Microsystems. The ThMD centre hosts 40 researchers with an emphasis on simulation of materials for applications in energy, environment, nano-electronics, photonics and thin film growth.

Tyndall has an established reputation for successful participation in EU research programs over the last two decades (FP4-FP7). Tyndall’s participation in European advanced research programs has provided an important conduit for excellence in advanced materials to Irish and European industry and Tyndall-UCC cooperates with global Tier 1 companies including IBM, ST Microelectronics, Thales, Alcatel, Philips, Intel, HP, UMICORE and Siemens. TNI-UCC has leveraged these collaborations to build its research expertise and technology portfolio that enables it to support long-term development of the high technology sector.


Contribution to BIOGO

Tyndall's main role is in the rational design, using first principles computational methods, of optimal catalyst compositions for methane oxidation, methanol synthesis and synthesis of longer chain alcohols. These will be transmitted to UOW and RUB within the framework of WPs 1,2 and 4 primarily via first principles simulations of reactivity of candidate catalyst materials and first principles simulations of metal nanocluster-metal oxide structures.


Main contact

Dr. Michael Nolan
Tel: +353 21 234 6983
Fax: +353 21 4270271
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